17th annual sun valley wellness festival
May 22-26, 2014
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The 2014 Expo will run from May 24 - 26, 2014. It is located in the Limelight Room at the Sun Valley Inn and is FREE and open to the public. Hours are Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Monday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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Exhibit Hall Hands on Hall
Mandalas 4 Joy :: Uma Mulnick offers Spiritual and transformative art in the forms of Mandalas and Color of Woman Intuitive paintings, originals, prints, cards, coasters and more. Join Uma for a Color of Woman painting workshop Friday morning.
Bend Beads :: Precious and semi-precious stone, pearl, silver & gold beads and findings for the hobbyist bead enthusiast as well for professional designers. Bend Beads can help you assemble your own unique piece of jewelry from their selection of high quality gemstone beads. Caution: bead shopping can be addictive.
Gia Wellness :: GIA Wellness empowers people to take their overall wellness to the next level, mitigating the impact from toxic environmental stressors with the energy technologies found in GIA products. GIA addresses dehydration, stress and the ever-present environmental toxin, Electromagnetic Radiation from cell phones and the wireless world.
The Natural State :: Textiles, clothing, jewelry, scarves, and accessories.
Audrey's Music :: Relaxation music CDs, flags and banners, static cling stickers and artwork.
Aura Photos by Judy Lekic :: Capture the image of your energy with an aura photo. Then Judy, a gifted psychic, will personally interpret the colors in your photo.
Azara Creations :: Unique, custom gemstone jewelry - crystals and stone.  Open yourself to the magic and healing of stones!
Chapter One :: The official on-site bookstore.  Books and author-signings.  Locally owned independent bookstore specializing in spiritual books for over 40 years.
Seven Point 2 :: The Alkaline Company.  Health made simple.  100% organic, vegan and raw. Gluten free, soy free, dairy free, GMO free!  Nothing synthetic, tastes delicious.  Featuring RECOVERY with HydroFX- Addresses inflammation and pain.
Heyoka Studio :: Heyoka is intrigued by the way the ancient sacred art radiates an inner life. Striving to create art with this type of radiance, became a lifelong shamanic and artistic quest bringing international recognition to his art, books and documentary  film.
Mountain Sage Wellness, Inc. :: Powerfully therapeutic and chakra-accessing essential oil blends, a therapeutic facial/skin cream, and sacred geometry aroma diffusers.  Also  20-minute Integrative Energy Body Therapy sessions to help relieve stress/tension in your neck, shoulders, balance chakras, etc.
FM's Aromatherapy (AROMATANTRA) :: Aromatherapy Products for Skin, Hair, and Wellness, Chakra Anointments, Crystals, Wands, SHRI (Abundance) Yantra, exotic and rare oils including Lotus, Rose and Jasmine (Love Potion), and more.
The BioMat Company :: BioMat and Rejuvena and alkaline water system.
DoTERRA, Empowering People Naturally, LLC :: dōTERRA Essential Oils:  Do you need safer, cheaper, more effective health solutions? Turn to nature, through essential oils in plants. Plants are made of hundreds of natural compounds that work with our body to enhance both physical and emotional health.
Perfectly Posh ::
Naturally-based, gentle and fabulous pampering products.

CUTCO Cutlery :: CUTCO cutlery, culinary tools, cookware, flatware, bbq tools, garden tools, sporting/hunting knives, scissors and accessories.
Think Again :: Do you want to be in control of your aging process and have greater memory and focus to accomplish more? Do you think you deserve the very best? Come see Lady J at the Think Again booth.
Life Vantage, Asea and Healing :: Healing on a Biomat with healer "St Ignatius" of Loyola, formerly with John of God from Brazil and Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet. Crystals, Chakra balancing, Protandim, True Science Anti-Aging Cream, Canine Health (Powers Pups) and Asea.
Good Vibes Art :: Local artist Trish Raziano offers an eclectic array of art that's made with pure love and great energy.  Items include mandala greeting cards, prints, canvases, magnets, bookmarks, organic herbal teas, bath salts and more.
Wood River Mattress :: Better living through sleep science.  Offering specialty sleep systems to relax and recharge the body.  Wellness begins with a great night's sleep! 
Skillfully Aware :: Skillfully Aware products and services include a 13 month comprehensive mindfulness-based training program for relief of stress related illnesses (book and 40 guided meditations), online courses, retreats, workshops, and personal and business consultations.
Black to Life :: Premium detox products utilizing carbonized bamboo and violet glass.  Also wellness checks featuring quantum neurology with Dr. Stephan Siele.
Norwex :: Chemical-free cleaning for home and personal care. Radically reduce the amount of chemicals you use in your home and personal care with these microfiber cloths for home and body. All products are chemical free and self sterilizing.
Universe/City Mikaël :: Meet International bestselling authors and spiritual teachers Kaya and Christiane Muller for Angelic Readings and Dream Interpretations. Kaya will present his new dictionary, The Source Code, one of the greatest advances in dream, symbols and signs interpretation.
New Era Health :: Bridget Bagley ND will provide a free Body Scan and report to help you find your true Biological Age. Nobel Prize research shows how to lengthen your telomeres and recapture your youth. Turn on telomerase gene and turn back time.
Idahound :: Idahound is a raw beef vegetable dog food that is locally produced and packaged by hand. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for dogs by offering owners an alternative, farm-driven diet, while pursuing minimal environmental impacts.
Stephanie Light :: Stephanie Light is a no-tools psychic, author, and artist. She will be available for readings and will be promoting her new book, The Witch's Whisk, as well as showcasing some of her art and selling herbal spells.
Alphay Medicinal Mushrooms, MykoGaia :: Grounded in the 5 Elements Principles, our organic, potent, bioactive nutritional formulas, coffee and tea utilize Lingzhi and other important mushrooms and herbs. Synergy products promote deep sleep, healing and balance for optimum mind, body, and spirit wellness.
Source Connection Therapy :: A balancing treatment: Gemstones Connections, a gift from God to ignite the body's ability to heal by re-booting vibrational frequencies of our cells, giving the body information and strength to fight illness and disorders.
Divine Lotus Tea Company/Shangri-La Ltd :: Bringing peace to the world one cup at a time. Toni Hodge, dedicated owner, herbalist, tea designer and nutrition consultant, believes that peace and well being can truly be found in a teacup.
Nerium AD :: We are passionate about helping people achieve personal excellence and financial freedom. A real breakthrough in anti-aging, Nerium AD is a night cream developed from the patented extract of the Nerium Oleander plant. Nerium nourishes and provides REAL results.
Your Loving Spirit :: Linda Stirling is an international psychic and spiritual healer. She's the psychic other psychics see for answers. Stop by her booth for your free personal angel code.
Orange Pain Relief :: Pain products, mini-massagers (TENS units) and accessories.
Kannaway :: Kannaway is a hemp lifestyle company with a focus on nutritional wellness whose products contain CBD-Rich Hemp Oil.
Humm Kombucha :: Humm Kombucha is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the Kombucha culture. The result is an energy boosting all natural health-beverage, loaded with B vitamins, vitamin C, antioxidants and probiotics!
Idaho Institute of Healing :: Idaho Institute of Healing's Debra Temple offers intuitive readings, pranic healing, energy balance, prosperity manifestation, past life regression, dark-being removal, communication with the deceased, teaching you to touch, feel, communicate with your loved ones.
Gregory Sirek/Jade House :: Traditional Thai massage works the body, mind and spirit by opening joints, increasing flexibility and releasing deep and superficial tension through techniques of gentle rocking, slow compression, deep assisted stretching and specific acupressure work.
Intuitive/Psychic Consultations by Joyce :: Psychic and intuitive tarot readings and life coaching.
Symbiotic Systems Reflexology :: Long time participant Mark Cook, ART (Regd) returns to share his reflexology sessions for anyone in pain or under stress. His 15 minute sessions are legendary. Sign up early.
The Center For Energy Healing :: So la meé Heneage is a Certified Level 4 Matrix Energetics Practitioner and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor with 29 years of experience and training in meditation & multidimensional consciousness.  She intuitively reads an individual’s energy patterns, accesses openings into new possibilities for transformation.
Zen-Touch Shiatsu :: Zen-Touch ShiatsuTM is a powerful and nurturing form of bodywork.  Holistic Health Practitioner Crystal Spicer of New Leaf Healing Arts combines acupressure,stretching, and intuitive methods to evoke deep health regenerating effects by balancing the body's life force energy to bring about peace and connectedness to mind, body, and spirit. 
St. Luke’s WRMC Healing Touch :: Healing Touch is an energy-based approach to health and healing using a gentle touch, with the intent of affecting the body’s energy fields. Experience a free healing touch session from St. Luke’s Healing Touch Volunteers and understand why Healing Touch is beneficial for hospital patients as a complement to conventional health care, or for anyone to enhance well being.
Serenity Henna Body Art :: Serenity Henna Body Art provides beautiful, 100% natural, temporary body art. Bringing the art of the near East to the Wild West, we combine art with intent to give you a beautiful body art experience.
Alex Laws Psychic/Medium :: Alex Laws is an Intuitive consultant.  Alex will have his team talking about the intuitive work he does and encouraging attendees for readings and to hear him speak.
Maitreya: World Teacher ::
Share International will have information about now being a time similar to Atlantis when humanity has the good fortune of having Masters of Wisdom taking physical form along with their leader, Maitreya, who is being called the World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius.

AromaTouch with dōTERRA Essential Oils :: This booth will offer AromaTouch and/or Reiki using doTERRA Essential Oils.
The Heart of Numerology :: Numerology consultations and crystal healing sessions are at the core of assistance offered by Lynn at this booth. Let him know your needs.
The Buzz Bus :: The Buzz Bus is a promotional vehicle for wellness opportunities that aims to make wellness a priority for individuals and communities. Interactive and highly visible, we empower people by connecting them with wellness resources throughout North America.
It Works! Running :: A health and wellness company that sells all natural, whole food based health and nutrition supplements, a skin care line and body contouring products, including that Crazy Wrap Thing, the Ultimate Body Applicator.
Arapahoe :: Lydia Strong, a Native American Medicine Woman of the Arapahoe Lakota Nation, is offering a variety of services including card readings, channeling for the past, hands on healing through energy fields, herbs, and chakra balancing. Come and experience a delightful spiritual healing session.
Golden Love Healing Arts :: Just like our physical bodies, our spiritual anatomy needs nourishment, attention and sometimes a little assistance in healing.  Golden Love Healing Arts offers an array of healing and clairvoyant practices to assist you in living your truth.
Humana Insurance ::

Be the Light Essentials :: Nancy King will demonstrate Aromatouch using doTerra Essential Oils, and share of techniques of body therapy.
River Angel Ranch :: Jeanette Dames is the owner of River Angel Ranch in McCall and teaches workshops, leads retreats and works with individuals to improve every area of their life with the help of their angels.  Jeanette will be offering readings, clearing, coaching and specials for attendees on personal sessions after the festival.
Sacred Lotus Astrology and Tarot :: Astrology and tarot readings with humor, wisdom, and compassion from an intuitive counselor with over 25 years of professional experience. Leah has appeared on radio, television, and cruise ships.