Geneal Thompson

Geneal Thompson is at heart a business woman who totally loves what she does.  Lucky enough to have discovered her passion in the world of skincare, Geneal has been devoted to her career in Esthetics for over 30 years.  She is the owner and operator of About Face in Ketchum, Idaho.  She also represents Esthetics on a State and National level by being part of a Board that oversees, regulates, licenses, and promotes esthetics in the State of Idaho all the while putting public protection at the forefront.


Thompson has written legislation that has been placed into law that governs the Scope of Practice for estheticians.  Throughout her career, she has helped guide and advance the Esthetic profession to where it is today.


Geneal has made her home in the Wood River Valley for 46 years.


Spiritual studies at the oo academy in India have been a very important part of Geneal’s last six years.  With repeated trips to India, a philosophy of One Consciousness and Connection has become an integral part of her life.