About Us

As we look to increase the body of science-based knowledge presented at the conference, we will continue to present speakers that nurture the mind and spirit as well. This focus will serve to balance our lives with a broad range of information so that we may all enjoy our individual gifts to their greatest potential.

As the Festival celebrates another year, the Sun Valley Wellness Institute Board of Directors have brought the expertise and talents of many together in a synergistic way that will ensure another successful year for the Festival. But this would not be possible without your support. Over a third of the operating budget for the Sun Valley Wellness Institute comes from private donors.

A gift to the Sun Valley Wellness Institute in support of the Wellness Festival is an opportunity to support a well-rounded, balanced and enlightened approach to health and wellness. Your tax-deductible gift will enable the Institute to attend to important wellness issues year round as plans to engage the community in specific events at other times of the year emerge.


The Sun Valley Wellness Institute, Inc. is an Idaho nonprofit corporation founded in 2005 to provide education on health and wellness through programs and events, including the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. The Wellness Festival, which has been held annually for 20 years, was previously an event run by the Sun Valley/Ketchum Chamber of Commerce.

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