If you’ve seen the Disney/Pixar movie “Inside Out”, you know our life experiences are recorded and stored in our conscious and our subconscious. We either store them with words and thoughts or we store them with images and emotions. The emotions we feel are the result of what we think about our experiences or what we imagine about them.

To experience this for yourself, close your eyes and think of a lemon. Well, first read this paragraph, then close your eyes and follow the instructions! Do you see the word lemon or the rounded yellow fruit in your mind? With your eyes still closed, now imagine yourself biting into the lemon. When you feel that sour taste exploding in your mouth, what feeling do you have? Disgust or revulsion?

Next, imagine your favorite kind of apple; is it Pink Crisp, Granny Smith or Golden Delicious. Imagine biting into the crispy fruit and experience a rush of sweet juice squirting into your mouth. Now what emotion to you feel? Satisfaction, happiness or maybe gratitude?

If you are like most people, your life has been full of both positive and negative experiences. We store our thoughts, images and emotions related to our past experiences deep in our subconscious. In the case of a negative experience, those stored images can often come back to haunt us.

Yes, haunting images can surface into our conscious mind and suddenly we are feeling afraid, or convincing ourselves we aren’t good enough, or yelling at our boyfriend. Where did all this vitriol come from, we wonder?

Do you notice that you seem to be continually dealing with some unexpected emotion, thought or image? Do you often fight mysterious health problems, lack motivation, have battles in your relationships and question why life seems to be so hard?

Are you tired of being in pain?

Conversations to Awakening* is a gentle process designed to turn lemons into apples. Its designed to help you resolve problematic past experiences that are wreaking havoc in your life. This loving and supportive practice can transform old hurt and pain into empowering images and positive emotions, so you can more easily step through the doorway to a more fulfilling life.

Those who have participated in Conversations to Awakening report a new deeper awareness of the underlying issue and clarity about their emotional responses. Participants feel a new sense of inner power, and gratitude for the opportunity to speak their truth and express their feelings in a safe and sacred space. While we can’t go back and change the original event, we can change the emotional memory of the event. When we remove the blockages that we have suffered for years, we throw open the doors of possibility, often achieving the dreams and goals we have been struggling to attain for years, in a very short time.


Visit our webpage www.reinventingher.com/conversations and read how Cindy overcame her fear of starting a business in one Conversation to Awakening session.

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*Conversations to Awakening is based on RIM, a process created by Dr. Deb Sandella, an award-winning psychotherapist, international bestselling author of Goodbye Hurt and Pain, 7 Simple Steps for Health, Love and Success, university professor and originator of the revolutionary RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory). Learn more about RIM and Dr. Deb here http://www.riminstitute.com/

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