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Claudia Nanino

Claudia Nanino is a master breathwork facilitator, crystal curator, and explorer of non-ordinary states of consciousness.   A Colorado native born to immigrant parents, she returned to Denver in 2016 after a devastating divorce. She sought out nontraditional self-development and healing modalities after more western approaches felt out of alignment and left her feeling stuck in logic.  She began to rebuild her life and catapulted her spiritual evolution with various teachers, healers, and practices.  Then she found Conscious Breathwork, and her healing was brought to the next level.  She felt true embodiment and integration of everything she had been working so hard on and was able to finally forgive and love all aspects of herself.  Answering her soul’s calling, she earned a breathwork certification by completing over 250 hours of hands-on training and has left her corporate career behind to fully devote herself to helping others heal themselves.  She has now led over a thousand breath journeys globally. Please visit for more info.