Blair Lauren Brown

Blair Lauren Brown is a plant medicine activist, formulator, and wellness practitioner. Armed with twenty years of experience navigating the intersection of eastern and western medicine from yoga to sadhana to Ayurveda, Blair has found herself at the forefront of cannabis advocacy. Moved by her mother’s experience with cannabis as a treatment for her chemo-induced nausea in the early ’90s, empowered by her grandfather’s uncompromising commitment to do the best by his patients, and putting his license on the line prescribing cannabis under early prop 215 regulations, and educated by her brother, a 20-year cultivation expert under California medical, she was afforded the perfect entree into the development of a plant medicine product line driven by cannabis formulation. In 2016 she started Verté Essentials, the first collection of modern plant medicine skincare influenced by Ayurveda and infused with cannabis-derived CBD.

Following a path of deep appreciation for the journey of cannabis culture from prohibition to the present day, Blair’s advocacy in the space illustrates a dedication to building a more progressive future. Blair created a trusted process for bringing together a host of qualified partners from biochemical engineers to cultivation experts and spa directors to manufacturers to create an intersection between science and nature for the creation of high-quality efficacious products.

As marketing noise and jargon saturated the skincare market, Blair teamed up with Beryl Solomon, Founder of Poplar, to expand the reach of Verté, plant advocacy, and plant medicine education. Verté, now Poplar’s in-house brand, maintains its reputation for innovative and effective formulations while providing personalized guidance and recommendations to the customers, while Blair now serves as Poplar co-founder and Chief Product Officer.


Collectively they have built a set of standards for their ecosystem that support efficacy, plants, people, and the planet in the most cohesive and uncompromising standards the wellness market has seen to date. The standards are called the Poplar Promise.


Prior to starting Verté, Blair started the first precious metal jewelry company to be certified as B-Corp, dedicated to elevating the environmental standards of one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. Recognized for her efforts in a sustainability initiative by the CFDA, she was able to leverage her business as an advocate for better practices across the manufacture of US-made precious metal jewelry. Feeling confident in her influence over industry practices she made the transition into consulting on environmental initiatives and operations for various luxury outdoor industry brands.


In 2019, Blair led a TEDx Sun Valley talk “Cannabis Mirror,” where she explored the history of cannabis in the USA. She recently authored CBD: Self Care Secrets to Hemp-Derived Wellness and is in the process of directing and producing a documentary on the legalization of cannabis in relation to the AIDS/HIV epidemic. Her second book on Cannabis CBD will be released in spring 2021.


As a certified advanced Sadhana yoga instructor, Blair can often be found speaking and teaching on plant medicine, cannabis history and ritual, between her resident towns of Brooklyn, New York, and Sun Valley, Idaho.