Marya Hecht

Marya Hecht is the Vice President and a founding member of the Sangham Foundation. The Sangham Foundation is a private family foundation that has a strong focus on improving the lives of children and clean water through grantmaking to grassroots organizations for the most part. Marya has spent a great deal of time volunteering for organizations that the foundation supports, traveling to Africa and other parts of the world to assist first hand in the work being done.


Marya has served as a board member for the Family Nurturing Center, a school in southern Oregon for children in need from low-income families. She is passionate about providing safe homes for children and is dedicated to collaborating with others to support orphanages.


Marya is the co-founder of the Parenting Program within the Pear Organization in Portland, Oregon. This organization builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth in the Portland area and provides them with resources and education to live more meaningful and healthy lives.


In addition, Marya is a facilitator of the Byron Katie Work, which is a very successful self-inquiry program worldwide known as The Work of Byron Katie.


In her free time, Marya enjoys running, hiking, skiing, playing soccer, and traveling the world!