Experience Hall Hours of Operation

Friday, June 29th: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday, June 30th: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday, July 1st: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday, July 2nd: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

2018 Experience Hall Participants

Can you recall the way your body felt the last time you stood next to a waterfall or walked along a beach with the waves breaking at your feet?
AROMATANTRA www.aromatantra.com
Dr. Ratan’s aromatherapy for SKIN, HAIR, CHAKRA Anointments, Crystals, Wands, Exotic Essential oils- Blue, White, Pink LOTUS, JASMINE, ROSE, Essential oils Kits, Books, CDs and DVDs.

6a2c48e01c62a3b3572a0798f52c3970Angelic Healing Crystals www.angelhealingcrystals.com
are not just ornamentation, but tools for individuals to tap into their own innate healing ability and to awaken and guide them toward greater health, as well as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness.

Autumn Teneyl Designs www.autumnteneyl.com
Tops, Dresses, Bottoms, Outwear, California Dreamin’
Aura Photos by Judy www.alternativechanges.com
Your aura is the field of energy that surrounds and encompasses your body. With a specialty camera that measures the electromagnetic field around your body, I can photograph your aura.

Azara Creations www.azaracreations.com
Offering you a fine selection of rare and dazzling, custom made Gemstone Jewelry.

Elisabeth Pohle Designs www.elisabethpohle.com
One of a kind jewelry line handmade by the artist, made in the USA. These unique and gorgeous cuff bracelets can be worn from a day at the beach to a night on the town!
Gia Wellness www.giawellness.com
Offering life-changing wellness products and technologies that allow people to grow in their health and well-being.
HighChi Energy Jewelry www.highchi.com
HighChi Energy™ is an energy formula that allows you to achieve higher states of being, consciousness and abundance.
Life Time Vibe www.lifetimevibe.com
The Mercedes of whole body vibration machines. Developed by doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and patients, the perfect whole body vibration solution.

Orange Expo Trading www.orangeexpo.biz
We offer high quality portable electrical devices and accessories designed to be effective and safe therapy for aches and pains associated with sore and aching muscles, stress and tension, minor muscle atrophy, strenuous exercise or normal household, sport and work activities.

love-thirteen-glamour-jewelry-smLove Thirteen, LLC www.love-thirteen.com
Was borne out of a lifelong passion for creative expression and beautiful things. I have always endeavored to bring glamour and fun to my everyday life

Mountain Sage Wellness  www.Mountainsagewellness.com
I am a Certified Master Teacher and Huna Kane  practitioner who is also practiced in Acupressure, Myofacial Release, Qigong Healing methods, Cupping, Tui Na, and Shiatsu.

Sondra Sneed  www.godscribe.com
On matters large and small, Sondra Sneed has extraordinary gifts of insight. Channeling your God within, she reads your soul’s wants and earnest needs.