Experience Hall

Dates: May 26th - 28th, 2023

Friday / Saturday / Sunday 

 Located in the Limelight Hotel 

The Experience Hall is a wellness community that comes together each year to share its talents with Festival attendees. Peruse a variety of booths offering wellness products, services, and hands-on wellness practitioners. The Experience Hall is free to the public.


Browse the 2022 Experience Park Vendors Below 


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The Book Store Of SVWF

We've been selling books in the wood river valley since 1970. Our happiest days are meeting and providing customer service to book lovers. Many customers have become life-long friends.

Chapter One Bookstore


The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals carry powerful energy from millions of years ago, embedded as they grew into stunning symmetrical patterns, often from water rich in minerals. They are a fascinating example of sacred geometry, made of the same elements we are.



Ancient Eastern Herbal Remedies

Qi Alchemy is a Korean herbal adaptogen and tea brand dedicated to bringing effective ancient Eastern herbal remedies to the modern world. Our mission is to share these functional herbal blends that have proven to be so beneficial with people all over the world.

Qi Alchemy

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Sun Valley Wellness

Seek those who light your flames

This year’s theme, COMING HOME, explores how social health & well-being define the foundation of our collective wellness, 
illuminating what it really means to be a community. Stop by our booth to find out about this year's festival and programing. 

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Gia Wellness

Your Wellness Made Better

Science-based, innovative solutions designed to “Power-Up Your Wellness Journey” by focusing on the fundamental pillars of health – Hydration, Nourishment & BioEnergy.Experience products that safeguard, restore, and support your energetic systems while

navigating the 4G/5G world. Reduce daily stressors, mobilize your immune system & boost

your body’s resilience and ability to rebuild and repair.

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Solex Quantum Living 

Show up for your best life

AO Scan Technology provides a timely and cost-effective way for you to collect relevant information that you, friends, and family may require to make life-altering decisions about your body. It's time to release the hero inside and show up for your best life. This is what we call QUANTUM LIVING.


Uforia Science

Cellular Healing 

Offering custom formulations of certified organic Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Amazonian herbs with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics based on your unique genetic profile. Testing panels for Healthy Aging and Weight Management to unlock your body's inherent capacity for optimal functioning and thrive in all conditions. 

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Healing Changes

Sessions with SoLaMee' - Author and advanced, certified quantum field intuitive. 30+ years of experience and training in multiple fields of healing and recovery. She scans the body patterns and accesses possibilities for healing changes, recalibration and renewal.

 Be Protected. Feel Connected 



Good Mood Food

The Kula Connection, LLC booth features our cashew probiotic cheese, yogurt, snacks, and our lil sister companies products as well: GF, V crackers, breads, pastry, cake and cookies. We also provide information on our programs, retreats and services.

kula logo.png
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High Chi 

Based on Ancient Egyptian Energy Technology, our beautifully crafted unisex jewelry is a vehicle for energy that is designed to protect, uplift, and rejuvenate its wearer. These pieces encourage the flow of Chi while helping to protect against the daily bombardment of EMF's, (Electro Magnetic Fields).  

Be protected Feel Connected 

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Feeling Is Believing

 Free 20 minute relaxation sessions with our harmonic light therapy systems. Attendees rest back in zero gravity chairs and allow the pads to shine in multiple areas of the body at once for deep stress relief and rejuvenation. 


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Jen Fluhatry 

 4 Natural Laws of Healing

10 Day Healing Retreat, We provide a safe, relaxing, safe environment Using the 4 Natural Laws of Healing, to provide a deep tissue cleanse, Modalities include Colon Hydrotherapy, PEMF, Crystal Harmonic Sound Healing , Far Infrared Therapies, Emotional Freedom Techniques

Living Waters Wellness Center

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The Crisis Hotline

 Emotional Health of our Community

Information to outreach and value of understanding how the emotional health of our community is vital to the overall wellness of the community.


The Lab Optimization Therapy

The Lab offers a range of services to help you achieve your goals Hormone Replacement Therapy Peptide Therapy IV Therapy Vitamin Therapy Weight-Loss Therapy Sexual Enhancement Therapy Botox/Dysport Dermaplaning Dermal Fillers HydraFacial Skincare Chemical Peels And Sculptra

Achieve your Goals 

A LOGO_WandWoman_black.jpg

Handcrafted wooden magic wands made from a variety of locally-collected wood, including some Wood River Valley species; for the more spiritually inclined I offer untouched Reiki-infused wands; wooden diffusers for essential oils; and exquisite prayer fans for smudging and rituals.

Handcrafted wooden magic

Wand Woman


Autumn Teneyl Designs

 Autumn Teneyl Designs, comfortable, original, feminine clothing. Every piece of clothing starting with an inspiration, a sketch, bolts of fabric and spools of thread, to the finished garment and beyond.

Eco-Chic Fashion

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Mama Life Wellness

Reconnect You to the Earth 

Mama Life Apothecary will be offering botanical beauty and medicinal products that are deeply rooted in mindful and traditional creation. Our slow botanical infusions are enveloped in the wisdom that nature is intuitively healing. Mama Life's aim is to simply reconnect you to the earth by inviting the purest of magic into and onto your body, mind and spirit.


Joe's Juice 

Solar power generated, converted school bus serving fresh, cold-pressed organic juices, low glycemic lemonades, and vegetarian snacks.

Super Fresh Juices Organic + Cold-pressed


Classified as a channeler, Sondra Sneed allows Source to speak through her during Soul Readings and Source Talks. ---- Ms. Sneed is a sought-after spiritual development trainer and a psychic medium to the living soul. 

 Soul Readings

Sondra Sneed

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Award Winning - Certified Organic & Biodynamic - Woman Grown & Owned - Handcrafted Handgrown Seed to Skin Biodynamic Body & Wellness Line to Nourish an Active Lifestyle

Authentic from our seed to your skin


Essential Oil Blends and Massage

Certified Master Teacher and Huna Kane  practitioner who is also practiced in Acupressure, Myofacial Release, Qigong Healing methods, Cupping, Tui Na, and Shiatsu.

Mountain Sage Wellness


Creating Natural & Holistic Solutions

Clearwater Cultures is dedicated to creating natural & holistic solutions to the health of our microbiome of skin and home. Our products are homegrown and handmade using biodynamic and permaculture practices.

Clearwater Cultures

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Healing Stone Foundry

Reiki infused semi precious stone jewelry, water bottles, straws and flower essences. Each piece comes with a description of the healing properties of the stones

Jewery With a Purpose 

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Kathy Kamei

 Trust your inner voice

Kathy Kamei Designs has a mission to celebrate and create beauty for the divine feminine

Charlene Fairbanks, Reiki Master Teacher & Crystilline Healing Practitioner
Kayti Garey, Reike Master Teacher.

Healing w/Reiki Masters

Charlene Fairbanks, Reiki Master Teacher & Crystilline Healing Practitioner and Kayti Garey, Reike Master Teacher. Both would like to invite you to a Healing session for

An opportunity for transformation”

An opportunity for Transformation


Essential Oil Blends and Massage

Certified Master Teacher and Huna Kane  practitioner who is also practiced in Acupressure, Myofacial Release, Qigong Healing methods, Cupping, Tui Na, and Shiatsu.

Mountain Sage Wellness


“In the Ring.” In the Ring invites (and sometimes challenges) participants to dive deeply into their own experience and encounter the thrill and vulnerability of sharing themselves with the group. It’s by turns fun, silly, deep and affecting. 

Flourish is impacting the community and beyond!

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Kathy Kamei

 Trust your inner voice

Kathy Kamei Designs has a mission to celebrate and create beauty for the divine feminine