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We know you are hiding your pain.  We know you pretend things are better than they are. That’s what we used to do.  Don’t waste another moment.  Do this instead!
FACING THE TRUTH ABOUT OURSELVES – where are we fooling ourselves?
We humans are a silly breed.  Sometimes we make life so much harder ,… because we believe it must be harder.
Because of this …  Humans in pain silently suffer … often hiding it.  
We all feel shame and guilt around having broken feelings.  So we suffer in silence and attempt to resolve our pain from outside treatment, trying the next new fad, paying tons of money, … basically using avoidance techniques as bandaids.
There are ways to resolve the pain we suffer.  … Language with self is KEY! 

When you take a courageous step inward, desiring real truth, you can explore how life might be different, …  and breakthrough to real passion and courage!
New-age-rage of personal development courses, techniques, and books focus on an old paradigm of “teacher-student” –  a slow and circular process of spend money to feel good.
Conversations To AWAKENING is a whole new paradigm.
The NEW Paradigm of Conscious AWAKENING
Awakening is similar to a breakthrough but more.  It’s a connection of “being” where your inner spirit opens up to enlightenment, … a natural re-connection of You and your infinite YOU.
You see, TRUE FREEDOM from pain is only possible when we turn inward for the answers from our infinite self.  This can happen over time as you figure out the path inward.
When having a Conversation To AWAKENING,  the path is illuminated by a harmonic balance between your guide and your willingness to seek your own inner truth.
Universal law says,

“In order to experience abundance one must give as well as receive.”

That is the balance.
As your guide, we have no agenda.  We hold space and follow our intuition, … naturally unveiling the path to your personal inner conversation of awakening.  And from you, … we receive the wisdom of your soul as it becomes unveiled.
Experiencing your inner conversation is discovering your powerful center of inner truth.
Conversations To AWAKENING
Let us guide you in a Conversation To AWAKENING; … a journey between You and the YOU of infinite freedom and possibilities.
To achieve real results that last, turn inward for a conversation to awaken the intuition of your inner soul.
By Tresa Leftenant and Katt Krespach