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Alex Laws is a world-class athlete, cancer survivor, founder of Rythmatic Meditation™ and intuitive consultant who has proven success as a psychic medium. His work as an owner of a family owned large automotive business in Portland and as a business and financial consultant has given Laws the ability to implement and provide successful business strategies. As an intuitive consultant, Laws clientele varies from cooperate leaders and managers seeking insight for company direction and performance to an individual who wants outside consultation and information about a personal issue or relationship.

As a world-class athlete, Laws was the owner of the popular Soul Culture Cycling studio in Portland and has competed in more than 15 Ironman Triathlons, more than 40 marathons and has completed the Ultraman Hawaii three times.

His innovative Rythmatic Meditation™, which he teaches exclusively at Zenergy Health Club and Spa in Sun Valley is a unique cycling class offering a full body work out with an added component of meditation creating a body and mind connection. Laws is also an intuitive consultant at Zenergy Health Club and Spa in Sun Valley open to members and non-members as a spa service.

Through his experience and work from competing in Ironman Triathlons, living as a cancer survivor and inventor of a unique relaxation spin class, Rythmatic Meditation™, Laws has the ability and knowledge to relate to many of life’s experience. Laws mission to tap into everyone’s inner voice or business core is also to provide a healthier existence and fulfilling life.

Laws is sponsored by Maloja clothing line exclusively available at Bavarian Soul in Ketchum. To contact Alex Laws, visit or email

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