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Mindfulness and the New Brain Science: Optimizing Health, Emotional Intelligence, and Creativity

The new brain science is an exciting window into the nature of consciousness, emotional balance, physical health, and the interconnection of informational systems that we call the mind. Interpersonal neurobiology describes how the mind is both embodied in our brain and nervous system, which extends throughout the body, and also embedded in our relationships with the world around and within us.

The quality of our relationships- whether they support a mindful harmony with life or alternatively create stress- affects the release of informational molecules by the brain. These “mind molecules” are key components of the growth medium that supports all the cells of the body, turning genes on and off and predisposing to health or disease.

Why not feed your body the molecules that protect your health, while simultaneously feeding your “wise mind,” the part of you that is most creative and in touch with your larger purpose in the world? In this practical presentation participants will learn how to use evidence-based techniques to calm down the fear centers in the midbrain and activate the prefrontal cortex where happiness, resilience, and wise mind reside.

The Cutting Edge of Mind-Body Medicine: From Immunology to Neuroscience

The most important determinant of physical health is mental health. In this research-based practical presentation, participants will learn how adverse childhood experiences set the stage for chronic illness and substance abuse later in life through epigenetic changes, neurochemistry, immune function, and brain wiring. Dr. Borysenko will examine how evidence-based psychological interventions can rewire neuro-hormonal circuitry and help restore both physical and mental balance. Some of the interventions covered include the modification of explanatory style, stress hardiness and resilience training, narrative medicine, meditation and mindfulness techniques, imagery, and cognitive approaches. Since the quality of the provider-client relationship is key to healing, there will be a focus on how to optimize the therapeutic bond.

Writing Down the Light: A Conscious Retelling of Your Life’s Story Narrative medicine is a fascinating new field that recognizes the role of story and meaning in health, happiness, and wellbeing. In this weekend writing workshop led by a New York Times best-selling author known for her tender exploration of the human spirit, you have the opportunity to rewrite your own narrative and discover the vector of love that forms the invisible warp of light upon which your life story is loomed.

The stories we habitually tell ourselves change our brain circuitry, our relationships, and path through the world. They can elevate life to heaven on earth, or drop us unceremoniously into the fire. In this workshop you will:

  • Explore your life myths, both sacred and profane
  • Harvest the wisdom of deep discontent
  • Use the written word to transform darkness into light
  • Learn the arc of transformational storytelling
  • Change your brain and your life by changing your story
  • Discover the relationship of story to affective neurobiology
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. is a world renowned expert in the mind-body connection. A licensed psychologist with a doctorate in cell biology from Harvard Medical School, she synthesizes cutting edge science with deep humanity. President of Mind-Body Health Sciences, LLC in Santa Fe, NM and a New York Times bestselling author of 17 books, Joan also has a series of audio programs for meditation and stress management. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, on Public Television, and on numerous websites.