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Karen Newell is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, a company focused on research and development of brain entrainment sound technologies which combine digital harmonic frequencies, sacred instruments, sounds of nature and human vocals in order to access deep states of consciousness. She appears regularly with Dr. Eben Alexander to teach and demonstrate this technology in workshops and presentations.

Karen has explored many forms of acoustic enhancement used for attaining altered states of awareness. After meeting the co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, a mechanical and electrical engineer, through mutual inspiration and desire for deeper exploration, they began to create unique combinations of digital tones and sound effects for their personal use. Using measurements from a portable EEG device, and through trial and error, they discovered frequency sets and resonance patterns that greatly enhanced their meditation experiences. Eventually, they began to realize others could benefit from these recordings.

Karen has a life-long passion for uncovering the true nature of humanity’s existence. She has studied alternative sources of history, spirituality and metaphysics.  Underlying the drive to create audio meditations is this passion for recovering ancient knowledge by energetically connecting with sacred sites, symbols and structures. She is committed to continued innovations in developing sound technology and other forms of consciousness enhancement to its fullest potential.

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