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Embracing Grace: The Sky Is Not The Limit

Unbuckle your seatbelts for this three-hour journey where you will be embraced by Divine Intelligence. Through ancient teachings and processes that literally shift your state of consciousness, you will experience how to manifest a life without limits, where the ordinary becomes most extraordinary.

Lea Flocchini is an ordained minister and spiritual counselor with a background in Sacred Psychology. Seeking direct experiences of higher states of consciousness, Lea was ‘guided’ to the meditation practices of TM™ at a very young age.  Her insatiable thirst for inner truth, real magic and liberation from the mind led her on many spiritual pilgrimages including to India in her early 20s. In 2013 she had the opportunity to experience the permanent brain shift called Awakening at the Oneness University in India and returns often as a travel guide and for continued consciousness studies and processes. Lea incorporates the Universal teachings of Oneness into her counseling practice and aspires to live by the motto: The Sky Is Not The Limit.

Lea is also a Jewelry Designer, please visit the LeLa Designs booth in the the Experience Hall or visit to see the full collection.