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Embracing Grace: The Sky Is Not The Limit

Unbuckle your seatbelts for this three-hour journey where you will be embraced by Divine Intelligence. Through ancient teachings and processes that literally shift your state of consciousness, you will experience how to manifest a life without limits, where the ordinary becomes most extraordinary.

Nanette Ford is a Physician Assistant with a private Integrative Medicine practice in Ketchum. As a young teenager she was drawn to the mysticism of eastern philosophies beginning with her initiation into Transcendental Meditation that launched her journey towards Awakening. In 2007 Nanette experienced the Oneness Blessing for the first time. Through the Grace of this transmission of Divine Energies she noted an acceleration of growth in consciousness. Since that time she has traveled many times to Oneness University in India to study consciousness. In 2012 she experienced the permanent shift in consciousness called Awakening. From this new perspective she holds great passion to assist others to their own Freedom, a freedom that is close at hand for every one on the planet NOW!