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Mind, Body, Green: 4 Ways to Rejuvenate, Relax, and Stay Safe on Vacation in Sun Valley

We’ve all fallen victim to the unfortunate, but not uncommon, “stressful vacation” paradox. Sometimes you head out of town with the intention of fully embracing an OOO attitude, but end up tied up in more knots than you were at your desk. Overscheduling and the “fear of not doing enough,” are often the culprit, but another key factor? Your choice of destination.

Luckily, there are places like the mountain town of Sun Valley, Idaho that are naturally designed for mental and physical relaxation. Normally we stay away from “have it all,” language, but in Sun Valley it’s not an exaggeration. Unwind and relax against a backdrop so beautiful, you may never want to leave. Once you’re there, rejuvenate your spirit and take full advantage of what Sun Valley has to offer, we recommend you:

Attend the Wellness Festival:

Make a virtual “appearance” at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference– it’s as important as ever to keep well-being top of mind, no matter where you are. This August 22nd & 23rd, Sun Valley’s Wellness event is in full force, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the conference has been creatively adapted into a full virtual format featuring sleep expert and neuroscientist Matthew Walker as the keynote speaker, University of Washington Director of Infectious Disease Medicine and COVID-19 expert Seth Cohen, MD, MSc, along with twenty other groundbreaking presentations by renowned wellness thought leaders. This is your chance to experience a taste of Sun Valley Wellness from the comfort of your home via a Virtual Pass. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss, and will undoubtedly inspire you to come to beautiful Sun Valley for the 2021 Sun Valley Wellness event next summer.


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