The Cheryl Welch Thomas Scholarship 

“Cheryl has been a champion and creative force for the Sun Valley Wellness Festival since day one, but she has done most of the work quietly and behind the scenes because that is her humble nature. This scholarship, helping others attend the festival to grow and learn, is truly the best way we could possibly honor all that Cheryl has done for the festival over the years,”  - Geneal Thompson, President

The Sun Valley Wellness Festival Board established The Cheryl Welch Thomas Scholarship fund in recognition of one of the key Festival founders, emeritus board member, and long-time advocate and supporter, Cheryl Welch Thomas. The scholarship provides partial and full attendance scholarships to those who are in need and apply. 

To Donate to the Cheryl Welch Thomas Scholarship program, please visit the donation page, complete the donation form and select the option to have your donation designated to the CWT Scholarship Fund


Scholarship applications will be accepted beginning April, on a rolling basis and a space-available basis.  Applicants will receive a confirmation of submission.  Recipients will be notified of awards on  April 30, and May 30. 

The CWT Scholarship is a pay-what-you-can scholarship.  This amount may be $0. No questions asked; no financial requirements to meet. Simply pay what you can to make a program an affordable option for you. Any money that you are able to contribute toward the cost of a program will stretch our scholarship funds to reach more people.  The scholarship funds are made available through the generous support of donors.

CWT Scholarship Application

Thank you for applying for the Chery Welch Thomas Scholarship.  Awards recipients will be notified beginning April 30th.