Transpersonal Psychology: Neuro-physical Reprogramming, a protocol that efficiently and effectively dissolves self-sabotaging beliefs and identities on a cellular level. It works and in one session.

PO Box 920, Ketchum, ID. 83340


Alexlaws.com/H and H Consulting INC.

Intuitive & Energy Work




Intuitive consultant and the creator of Rythmatic Meditation™, Alex will talk about the paths and ability to open one’s intuition as well as offer advice through his unique meditation spin workout Rythmatic Meditation™ and his gift as a psychic medium. Meeting Alex one on one can be life changing.

340 West river Street #117, Ketchum, ID. 83340

Angela's Gym


Angela’s fifteen years of experience in training gives her clients the opportunity for a safe and effective way to get stronger in her private fully equipped gym setting. People who train with Angela call the training fun, unique, and enjoy the results in their active pursuits from skiing and biking to life in general. All levels can be accommodated for private training, private group training, weekly group exercise sessions and yoga at Angela’s Gym in Ketchum, ID.




Through books, apps, online courses, workshops, speaking engagements and consultations, Laura and Alison give you practical inspiration and simple steps to change your home and life. To learn more, please visit www.inspiredeverydayliving.com

9100 Wilshire Blvd Suite 400W, Beverly Hills, CA. 90212




Cary Iverson is an Apprentice of The KUNLUN System, which consists of once secret Alchemical practices of profound mystical transformation from ancient Taoist traditions in China.

Po Box 5696, hailey, ID. 83333

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